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Who we are

NARDATO LTD is a specialized company for outsourced omnichannel customer support, experience and complaint handling. Our aim is to optimize your clients' experience, established upon the reliability and security of your services.

Our Services

Complaint Handling

Taking action to quickly resolve customer complaints can improve your business' reputation and processes. Our team will assess and evaluate complaints, by obtaining relevant evidence and reporting our findings. The final step is to develop and provide valuable solutions to smoothly handle the complaints.

Backoffice Services

The company provides a comprehensive suite of operational and administrative services that play a vital role in bolstering the efficiency of front-office operations. These services encompass a wide range of functions, such as facilitating client withdrawals, seamlessly integrating solutions, addressing payment method escalations, and much more.

Online Reputation Management

We're here to safeguard your reputation across the vast digital landscape and ensure your brand shines like a supernova. Our team takes charge of monitoring and protecting your brand image, leaving no stone unturned. From managing every online mention to fearlessly tackling any negativity, we've got you covered.

Data Analytics and Insights

We dive deep into the vast ocean of customer data and marketing campaigns, extracting invaluable gems of knowledge that propel your business forward. Our expert team wields advanced analytics techniques, tracking those key performance indicators (KPIs) with precision, measuring campaign effectiveness and optimizing marketing strategies taking every corner flawlessly.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping: Offer customer journey mapping services to visually represent and analyze the various touchpoints and interactions customers have with your client's brand. Identify pain points, gaps, and opportunities for improvement throughout the customer journey, enabling you to optimize and enhance the overall experience.

Personalization and Marketing Automation

We're here to guide you as you harness the potential of customer data and automation tools. Brace yourself for a journey where we craft captivating campaigns that speak directly to your audience's souls. With segmented email marketing, dynamic website content, and personalized recommendations, we'll create a symphony of relevance that resonates with each unique customer.

Providing Genuine Results

Our services are the product of professional strategies and knowledge, focusing on assisting your clients throughout their business journey.

Enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction

Boosting your company's productivity

Improving your business strategies and products

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